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Outdoor BBQs, neighborhood parties, and family events are better enjoyed on a beautiful, durable deck.

Awning Windows are Versatile, Stylish, and Efficient

While large, dramatic windows most often take the lead in home design, smaller windows can be just as important in terms of comfort and style. For windows that offer the ventilation and natural light you want without competing for attention or drawing the eye away from more prominent design features, consider the awning windows of DWR Exterior!

Compact in size and easy to open and close, awning windows make an effortless complement to any window installation in North Houston. In addition to supporting larger or more decorative window styles, they’re the perfect choice for rooms with limited wall space or that require a bit more privacy. Their easy-open design and outward-swinging sash make them a valuable addition to any space.

Enjoy the Enhanced Efficiency and Boosted Style of Our Awning Replacement Windows

Whether you’re looking to install awning replacement windows as a stand-alone feature or an addition to an existing window installation, we at DWR Exterior will make sure that your new windows meet every expectation on your list of requirements:

  • Style: With the help of our on-staff designers, our replacement awning windows can be tailored to perfectly match your North Houston home.
  • Security: Multi-point locking systems and durable frame constructions are designed to keep our awning windows securely in place and resistant to forced entry.
  • Efficiency: To keep the Texas heat from driving up your energy bills, we’ll customize the efficiency features of your awning window replacement, including multi-paned glass, low-e coatings, and precise weatherstripping.
  • Cost: Our awning window company may not offer the cheapest prices, but we dooffer the best value. Driven by doing what’s right, we provide expert service at fair rates.

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Since 2001, DWR Exterior has been one of the most responsible and reliable window companies in Texas—and we’d love nothing more than to assist with your project next! Get more information and a free quote from trusted and certified window replacement professionals in Texas by contacting us today. Give us a call or simply complete our quick online form, and we’ll reach out to schedule your free in-home design consultation and estimate.

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