Room Addition Planning Tips

room addition

Building a room addition onto your house is a great way to add space and adapt a home you love to the latest work-home lifestyle demands. Whether you’re building a nursery, a home office, or a whole second story, building an addition to your home is a huge project. The success of your addition will likely depend on the quality of your planning and construction partners.

We care about beautiful homes and happy families at Doing What’s Right Exteriors. We’ve learned that when clients know their stuff, we can work together more efficiently to bring your home addition vision into reality. That’s why we’re here to share a few smart tips for planning your room addition before we get started.

Be Realistic with Your Budget

When planning a room addition, most people know how to dream big. The next step is to make sure that your budget and your vision line up. Part of a happy home is being happy with your finances after renovations are complete, so make sure you set a hard line on how much you will spend. Then set your project budget about 10% (or more) below your max to ensure any overage doesn’t go over your financing limits.

If you are financing, secure your loan early, even if you have great credit. And when it comes time to start talking with your contractor, state your budget first, then talk about what you want to achieve with the renovation. Your contractor will then be able to act as your partner in staying safely within the budget.

Consult with an Expert Team

Don’t plan alone. Experts in several fields can and should contribute to your home addition planning. A realtor can tell you which updates and features will likely be the most profitable in your neighborhood. Your contractor can help you get a better idea of the scope, and you will need at least one architect to plan the structural design of your home addition. Build your team and start listening to your advisors early to get the best view of your project.

Find the Best Room Addition Contractors

Not all contractors are the same. Some specialize in doors and windows, some do siding and roofing, some specialize in kitchens and bathrooms, and some are aces at home additions. Look for a local contractor with glowing ratings and a great track record with home additions like Doing What’s Right Exteriors.

Optimize Your Role as the Client

You need teamwork and communication to get the best results from your renovation team. These results start at the home addition planning phase and evolve throughout the project. Any contractor will tell you that good clients are worth their weight in gold and see their vision better represented in the work through communication, responsiveness, and teamwork.

Being the best client, you can be will drastically improve your experience and final results. Pick up the phone and answer emails. Remember that setbacks are normal, and exterior work is affected by the weather. Listen when your contractors make suggestions or explain how things work, and try to make the most informed decisions based on the advice of your team.

Additional Tips for Choosing a Remodeling Professional

  • Ask all of your questions and more.
  • Share pictures to convey designs and concepts with your builders
  • Small doesn’t have to mean “plain.” Ask for ideas!
  • Licensed and insured
  • Look at examples of previous work.

When choosing a contractor during home addition planning, you are looking for a skilled team who understands your vision and budget. A great contractor will work with you to build your team of advisors, help you secure financing, sketch out your vision, and tone down your expenses without sacrificing any of the features or beauty you care about most.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or use visual aids (pictures) to help convey your idea of beautiful architecture, specific features, and the feel you want to create. Contractors may also have great ideas for optimizing your budget without sacrificing functionality or inspiring design. 

Professional Room Addition Contractors in Spring, TX

Doing What’s Right Exteriors is dedicated to building beautiful, happy homes for Spring, TX families, and the surrounding area. Whether planning a room addition or another story, our team can help you solidify your design, respect your budget, and bring your home addition to life. Let us become a core part of expanding your home design and structure. Contact us to begin planning your home addition today.

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