Does a Patio Add Value to Your Home?

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Every home improvement has the potential to increase the value of your home. Each additional feature expands the functionality and sometimes even the usable space. Building a patio or deck is one of the most popular outdoor home improvements to increase value. Building a patio addition or remodeling your current patio can make your outdoor space more appealing and even introduce square footage as inviting, luxurious outdoor living.

As a professional exterior remodeling team, Doing What’s Right Exteriors has worked with many homeowners on beautiful and unique patio designs to increase both the current luxury and future resale value of each home. Let’s take a closer look at the value a patio addition or remodel can add to your home.

Patio Remodel Additions to Consider

When designing your patio, don’t forget that some of the best things about a patio go beyond choosing your pavers. Patio remodels, and additions allow you to transform your patio into an outdoor living space, private lounge area, or indoor-outdoor room. Here are the top three additions to your patio remodel to add value to your home.

Fireplace or Barbecue Pit

While laying some fresh masonry, you might consider installing a few custom features. Create a brick-lined seating circle for a fire pit, build an outdoor fireplace for cozy evenings, or have your patio flow naturally into a matching outdoor kitchen.

Patio Covers

Patio covers are beautiful, permanent roofing for your patio that provides protection from the rain and direct sun but allows you to bask in soft breezes and indirect sunbeams. For many, a patio cover is the first step to true luxurious outdoor living, including protecting an outdoor kitchen, providing sturdy beams for hanging chairs, porch swings, and hammocks, or even mounting ceiling fans to keep summer afternoons cool.

Patio Enclosures

A Patio enclosure is a perfect way to enjoy an open patio without downsides like glaring sunlight or opportunistic insects. A patio enclosure is a shaded screen that vaults out and around your patio – sometimes around the entire backyard. Patio enclosures are attractive, like living inside a greenhouse, but can be used to create privacy, print scenery on the screen, invite family members, and enjoy the afternoon breeze without mosquito bites.

What is the Difference Between Patio Covers vs. Patio Enclosures?

The difference between a patio cover and a patio enclosure is that a patio cover is a roof over your patio. In contrast, a patio enclosure is a vaulted screen around your patio.

A patio cover provides a sturdy, elegant extended roof that shelters a patio from the rain and direct overhead sunlight – but leaves the sides open for outdoor fun. A patio enclosure is a framed screen that fully wraps your patio -but often does not have a solid cover overhead. Want both? Consider enclosing your covered patio or exploring all-seasons room design options instead.

Why Patio Improvements can Recoup 100% of Their Cost

How much value does a patio add to a home?

Most home renovations are done for the homeowner’s pleasure and only recoup 30-80% of their cost to build. Any improvement that ROIs 60% or more in the home’s new value is considered a high-value renovation. But patios and decks are in a class of their own. The 2018 Remodeling Impact Report found that the right modestly priced patio renovations can add value to your up at an ROI of up to 100%. Why do you ask?

There are a few factors that play a role. First, the best ROI home improvements are those that take the house from “drab” to “chic.” Take a plain or scruffy yard and redefine it with a beautiful covered patio and outdoor living space. You can naturally drastically increase the value of the home’s exterior design on your future resale value. 

The second factor, of course, is an increased demand for indoor-outdoor living. As more people start to work from home, a richly featured and refreshing home design is becoming more important – which includes at-home green spaces and outdoor rooms for relaxing. Adding this to your home increases its potential for demand by modern professionals and home buyers.

Why Consider Hiring a Professional 

A DIY patio can be fun, but if you want the elegance of professional patio covers or enclosure, consider relying on the Doing What’s Right Exteriors renovation team. We will ensure that the work is not just high-quality and built to last but also beautiful and ready to wow your family today, your guests tomorrow, and your future home buyers when it comes time to make a bid.

Boosting Your Home Value with Patio Design

Here at Doing What’s Right Exteriors, it’s all in our name. We believe that excellent home renovations come from dedicated teams of experts and construction professionals. Work with our exterior designers to envision the perfect patio design to increase your home’s value and boost your enjoyment of the house as soon as your valuable new patio is complete.

Contact us for a free consultation on your desired patio design or remodel project.

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